Daegu 1

Boiler output: 8,700 kW (high-pressure super-heated steam) and 7,000 kW (saturated steam), (750 kWel)

Combustion system: hydraulic reciprocating step grate

Fuel: wood chips, bark, sawdust

Year of construction: 2005

Location: South Korea

Project description:

In total, two power generation plants and three saturated steam boiler plants were supplied for Daegu. In Daegu 1, a high-pressure super-heated steam boiler plant with 8,700 kWth and a saturated steam boiler plant with 7,000 kWth are being operated. The turbine, which is located downstream of the high-pressure super-heated steam boiler plant, was provided on site and generates an electrical output of 750 kW.

The plants supply steam for a textile industry centre and an industrial park with many individual companies in the city of Daegu, South Korea. The steam is mainly required for dyeing factories.

The fuel comes from the Korean forests.