Tilly Holzindustrie

Boiler output: 11,300 kWth (1,650 kWel)

Combustion system: hydraulic reciprocating step grate

Fuel: wood chips from natural wood panels

Year of construction: 2005

Location: Austria

Project description:

The installed 11,300 kW push grate firing plant with thermal oil boiler produces 1,650 kWel by means of an ORC module. In the biomass cogeneration, mainly residual wood from production in the form of sawdust, wood shavings and milling waste with a water content of around 8% as well as forest wood chips with a water content of around 50% are used.

With this plant it’s possible to operate the biomass firing only with the fine fuel fraction (100% sawdust, wood shavings and/or milling waste). Optionally, up to 50% of the fuel’s thermal input can be provided by the combustion of energy wood chips.