Lesozavod KWK2

Boiler output: 2 x 9,500 kWth (3,300 kWel)

Combustion system: hydraulic reciprocating step grate

Fuel: bark and wood chips

Year of construction: 2012

Location: Russia

Project description:

“Lesozavod-25” is the largest sawmill in northwester Russia. The plant belongs to the Titan group, which consists of more than 20 companies, and which owns facilities in the Archangelsk area and other regions.

The company’s main sector of trade are professional activities and services in forestry. “Lesozavod-25” operates in the following fields: Sawing of spruces and pines and the production of pellets.

After several years of flawless operation of the first cogeneration plant, Lesozavod decided to build a second plant. During the planning of KWK-2, the following goals were set: – modernisation of production – increasing the usage efficiency of wood waste – lowering the costs for external energy – lowering the costs for the use of wood waste and its disposal – lowering emissions

KWK-2 consists of two steam boiler units (9,500 kWth per Boiler, 12.5 t/h steam, steam temperature 420°C, operational pressure 25 bar) and a turbine generator with a maximum electrical output of 3.3 MW. In order to increase the flexibility of the plant, an additional plate cooler for 9 MW was installed.

Bark, untreated wood waste, pellets and – if necessary – wood chips are used as the main fuel. The fuel composition varies, depending on the water content and type of fuel. The maximum water content is 60%, the lowest calorific value approx. 2.000 kcal/kg.

The control of the CHP plant is fully automatic and is monitored by the boiler operator via a visualisation system.”


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